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Download the free new Android app for

If you own a smart phone or tablet with the Android operating system then we
have the must app for you. Introducing the new mobile app that's free
and available now to download to your device. Grab it at the
Android Market
Provide your feedback on the new app in the market reviews and on our message
boards threads here:
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Free IU Hoop Forum |
Free IU Football Forum
An iPhone app is on the way as well. Right now there are no plans for a
Blackberry app but if you know someone that might help with that,
let us know. The good news is the older
mobile site here ( may
look better on the Blackberry OS than the Android and iPhone OS.
Again, to download the new app, just click this
Android Market link.
If you have any specific questions on the new app,
send us an email.