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For nearly a decade, CrimsonCast has brought IU fans the best in Hoosier football and basketball podcasts. Hosts Galen Clavio and Scott Caulfield provide regular information, insights, and commentary about your favorite Hoosier teams. Past guests on the show have included ESPN insider John Gasaway, Sports on Earth's Will Leitch, SI.com's Matt Dollinger, Paste Magazine's Shane Ryan, plus a smorgasbord of writers and podcasters from across the Big Ten. You can send comments and questions to @CrimsonCast on Twitter.

Listen to the latest episodes of CrimsonCast on TheHoosier.com in the embedded audio players below.

Nov. 11 - Maryland Recap And Basketball Update

On the latest episode of CrimsonCast, the guys talk both football and basketball. IU's fifth football win is first on the docket, as we discuss what led to the victory, the sudden emergence of Deep Threat Peyton Ramsey, and how the statistics painted a far different picture of the game than the final score did. We then take some listener questions, before moving on to basketball. We offer our thoughts on the performances from the first two games of the season, and on the early emergence of Evan Fitzner as a contributor.

Nov. 8 - Mike Miller Previews Football, Evaluates Basketball

We're back from a few days off with Mike Miller of the Bloomington Herald-Times. We tackle the impending IU football game first, looking at the similarities and differences between the Hoosiers and the Terrapins, and talking about the things that have allowed Maryland to have a marginally more successful season thus far than Indiana. We then jump to basketball and do a bit of post-season opener recapping, talking about the maiden voyage of Romeo Langford, the play of Rob Phinisee and Devonte Green, the rotational implications of Damezi Andrerson and Evan Fitzner, and the expectations for the non-conference season.

Nov. 4 - IU Basketball Preview With Scott And Galen

After interviewing everybody else, the CrimsonCast co-hosts sit down and have a discussion about their expectations for the season. Are people looking for too much out of this team? Where do things sit in the grand scheme of Archie Miller's program-building exercise? And what are some of the key items that we're looking for during the upcoming year? We try to talk through some of those questions as we get excited for the start of a brand new campaign.

Nov. 2 - Zach Osterman And Josh Eastern

Josh Eastern of The Hoosier Network and BTN Student U stops by briefly to give us an IU men's soccer update, as Todd Yeagley's men head into Big Ten Tournament play this weekend. We then sit down and talk extensively with IndyStar IU Insider Zach Osterman about what he saw from last night's men's basketball exhibition vs Southern Indiana, and what we might glean from the performance as the Hoosiers head into the start of the regular season.

Nov. 1 - IU Basketball Preview With Dustin Dopirak Of The Athletic

We welcome Dustin Dopirak, current IU basketball writer for The Athletic and former Bloomington Herald-Times scribe, back to the podcast to talk IU hoops. We delve into several topics, including:

- How Archie Miller fits in to IU basketball culture

- Whether Miller's statements on the team's shooting prowess should be concerning

- What we're looking for out of the first few games

- How long it'll take to draw conclusions about the ability of this year's team

- Whether Evan Fitzner leading the team in 3 point attempts would be a good or bad thing

It's always a pleasure to have Dustin on the show, and we're looking forward to reading him at The Athletic throughout the year.

Oct. 31 - IU Basketball Preview, IDS Sports Edition

Another day, another IU basketball season preview podcast! This time we've got 2/3rds of the Indiana Daily Student's men's basketball beat joining us in the studio, as Ben Portnoy and Cameron Drummond sit down to talk about:

- Today's press availability and what we learned from Archie Miller

- How much we can really take out of the scrimmage victory against Loyola (IL)

- How big the rotation will be this year, and why

- How the offense may end up working this year

Plus some other interesting items and tidbits. Be sure to check out the IDS's coverage of IU basketball at @ids_sports on Twiter, and be sure to keep tuning in this week and next as we canvas the sports media for opinion and analysis on the 2018-19 men's basketball season.

Oct. 30 - IU Basketball Preview, Wells And Jackson Edition

CrimsonCast continues its basketball preview pod series, this time with Jordan Wells and Stu Jackson from The Hoosier. Topics we cover include:

- The unknown and whether we should fear it

- Prospective 9-man rotations

- Who's got the best shot of emerging from outside the 9-man rotation

- Whether this team can make another defensive leap

- Which non-conference game is the best barometer for this team's ability level

Plus, we take some reader questions at the end, including a fun one The Assembly Call's Jerod Morris, a more serious one about the college basketball scandals, and a request for a recruiting update.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @CrimsonCast, and keep sending in questions throughout the week as our IU basketball preview podcasts continue.

Oct. 27 - Minnesota Recap

In this podcast, words are used to discuss Indiana football's loss at Minnesota.

Oct. 25 - IU Football Preview With Mike Miller, Auston Matricardi And Ryan Burns

It's football preview podcast time! Three guests join us today:

- IUSTV Sports Director Auston Matricardi gives his perspective on IU's recent exploits

- GopherIllustrated's Ryan Burns gives us the lowdown on Minnesota's rapidly spiraling season

- The Herald Times's Mike Miller analyzes some of the positives and negatives of what IU's done so far, where they are at compared to his preseason expectations, and what we might expect from the game this weekend.

Oct. 24 - Men's Basketball Preview I - Jerod Morris Of Assembly Call

Scott chats with Jerod Morris of Assembly Call and Podcast on the Brink. They discuss how excited the fan base is for this upcoming basketball season. What players have shown the most development, and which ones need to show the most development? Which player could be the key to the season, yet is the forgotten man when looking at this new roster? What are the ceiling expectations for this team, and what would really disappoint you? Finally they provide some predictions for this year and look at how it could be similar to some seasons we have seen in the past.