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CrimsonCast Episodes

For nearly a decade, CrimsonCast has brought IU fans the best in Hoosier football and basketball podcasts. Hosts Galen Clavio and Scott Caulfield provide regular information, insights, and commentary about your favorite Hoosier teams. Past guests on the show have included ESPN insider John Gasaway, Sports on Earth's Will Leitch, SI.com's Matt Dollinger, Paste Magazine's Shane Ryan, plus a smorgasbord of writers and podcasters from across the Big Ten. You can send comments and questions to @CrimsonCast on Twitter.

Listen to the latest episodes of CrimsonCast on TheHoosier.com in the embedded audio players below.

July 4 - Mailbag Part II

Happy 4th! Here's Part II of the IU football / basketball mailbag to listen to while you grill, or drive to your in-laws or whatever you're doing today. Questions include inquiries about the experience situation with IU football, tailgate options, anticipating the bicentennial, 30 for 30 documentaries, and whether you should pay attention to basketball recruiting as a fan.

June 27 - Mailbag Part One

CrimsonCast does an all-questions episode! Lots of questions came in from both Twitter and TheHoosier.com, and we tackled a bunch of them. We start off with football, talking about skill position depth, the potential impact of the new offensive coordinator, long-term program stability, and the differences between Indiana and Wisconsin or Iowa.

At the 51:30 mark we switch over to basketball and talk about the sudden departure of Ed Schilling, whether Archie Miller's seat gets hot with a missed NCAA Tournament this year, and the concept of identity for IU basketball going into 2019-20.

We did not get to all the questions asked on this episode, but we will be back next month with a follow-up where we'll deal with the rest of them. You can always contact the podcast or ask questions by hitting us up at @crimsoncast on Twitter.

June 19 - The Kitchen Sink

It's mid-summer and there aren't that many immediate topics to debate, so we took 90 minutes to talk about a bunch of bigger-picture items, including the concept of karmic debt among IU fans, Indiana's status as a basketball blue blood, plus a bunch of listener questions that included the status of the starting QB position, the Ball State game's location and start time, and the men's basketball team's starting lineup and what might happen there. We then finish with a very long discussion regarding the allocation of television revenue at IU and what the particulars of that debate are.

Also --- big news, CrimsonCast is celebrating it's 10th anniversary! Join us in Bloomington on Saturday, August 3rd for a meet-and-greet and a sampling of Bloomington bars and restaurants. Stay tuned for more information, and we thank you for the support.

May 15 - Listener Supported

Scott and Galen get the band back together for a mid-May CrimsonCast. We talk about IU basketball striking out in recruiting and why it probably doesn't matter, and field questions about the 2019-20 non-conference schedule, injuries, and what John Beilein's departure from Michigan might mean to the long-term status of the Indiana basketball program. We then shift gears to football and field a lot of questions about 2019 win total projections, winning road games, coaching, and the quarterback situation.

May 2 - This. Is. May.

We celebrate the start of May by busting out the podcast equipment and doing a rare football / basketball / alcohol combo pod. We field several football questions, including spring game stuff, starting QB thoughts, and what IU needs to do to get to a bowl game (Note: this is not a repeat from last year, or the year before, or...yeah).

We move on to basketball and discuss the acquisition of Joey Brunk, the lineup implications of the current roster, and how Smith and Thompson fit into the fold next year. We also discuss recruiting a bit, and then finish off with Galen yelling about why Arizona and LSU are being smart about things.

Finally we discuss the recent allowance of alcohol sales at Memorial Stadium and what it means --- and finish off by answering a question about our "perfect" Bloomington day and what it would consist of. Fun pod, a good way to kill an hour and a half.

April 7 - The First Offseason Recap

Reunited after nearly a month, Galen and Scott look back on the 2018-19 IU basketball season and discuss what they make of it. We talk about the dueling arguments of what happened in the season, as well as where things went wrong. We also discuss what "reasonable expectations" for next year will (and should) be, and the interesting parallels between this season and year 3 of the Crean era. We also field some audience questions about recruiting, and talk a bit about the surprise reappearance of Bob Knight on campus.

March 11 - Mega 2019 Big Ten Tournament Preview

With Galen away, Scott hosts a mega preview podcast. First he is joined by Jerod Morris of @AssemblyCall fame. They discuss the seasons many lows and some highs. Answer lots of great listener questions, about Devonte Green being our best 3rd scoring option, the snub of Juwan Morgan on all B1G teams, thoughts on Archie's job this season, what we have to do to make the NCAA's this year and what it would mean to the program long term. Also learn why Galen being out of the country is a good thing for all IUBB fans #GalenCurse. And learn why we need to get #CaliparitoLakers trending this week!

Then Scott is joined by his friend, neighbor and MSU grad Robert. They discuss the possible match-up between IU and MSU, how IU was able to sweep MSU this season, look at the B1G bracket and finally discuss the ceiling and potential of B1G teams in the larger NCAA bracket this year.

March 5 - Can They Close?

CrimsonCast is back, recapping the second half of IU's season sweep over Michigan State and talking about Indiana's ability to finally persevere in a couple of tough games. We talk about the Justin Smith Paradigm, the pushing of buttons, and what players need to step up in the closing few contests. We also have an extended conversation about Indiana's opportunities and threats when facing Illinois and Rutgers in these final two games. There's also a fairly in-depth breakdown of the Hoosiers' current tournament chances and the scenarios they need to try and fulfill if they want things to work out for them. All that, plus listener comments/questions and a reminiscence on the day Calbert Cheaney broke the Big Ten scoring record.

Feb. 27 - Still Alive, And Yet

Indiana celebrates a stressful and aesthetically unpleasing win at home against Wisconsin, and we try to figure out how much joy to take out of it. Podcast topics include breaking down what IU did successfully against the Badgers, what optimistic signs might exist for both the near future and next year, and thinking about the nature of youth and the sudden impact of depth pieces like Race Thompson. We also take questions from Twitter and from the live audience.

Feb. 20 - Perhaps It Doesn't End

Who would've thought that we could squeeze 90 minutes of podcast out about a team that's lost 11 of 12 games? We take a whole bunch of questions from Twitter and live chat, talking about everything from the problems with IU's offense to concerns with the roster to long-term prognoses for recovery. It's a long and winding conversation, and you'll probably find things in it that you both agree with and disagree with.