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CrimsonCast Episodes


For nearly a decade, CrimsonCast has brought IU fans the best in Hoosier football and basketball podcasts. Hosts Galen Clavio and Scott Caulfield provide regular information, insights, and commentary about your favorite Hoosier teams. Past guests on the show have included ESPN insider John Gasaway, Sports on Earth's Will Leitch, SI.com's Matt Dollinger, Paste Magazine's Shane Ryan, plus a smorgasbord of writers and podcasters from across the Big Ten. You can send comments and questions to @CrimsonCast on Twitter.

Listen to the latest episodes of CrimsonCast on TheHoosier.com in the embedded audio players below.

Feb. 19 - Student Attendance Podcast Special With Chronic Hoosier

There were a lot of angry tweets and accusatory message board posts after Wednesday's home game versus Illinois, and all the negativity was directed at the student section, which had some notable holes in it. This wasn't the first time in the last few years that we've seen attendance issues, so the big question is --- what's the deal? Is this a huge issue? What is causing IU students to not fill the gaps in the stands as everyone had grown accustomed to them doing over the years?

To try to answer these questions, we brought on our good friend Chronic Hoosier to have a detailed discussion about the history of the IU student ticket allotment, the changing nature of the fan experience in Assembly Hall over the years, the current factors affecting student attendance, and the long term prognosis.

Feb. 12 - Getting On A Roll

On this special Sunday Night live edition of CrimsonCast, Scott and Galen break down the past couple of weeks in IU basketball, and tackle a host of issues and topics. Is Devonte Green's elevated level of play here to stay? What is the ceiling of this IU team the rest of the way? Is the NIT in reach, and what can they do if they get there? Does Juwan Morgan have legitimate hopes at making an all-Big Ten team? That, plus a full breakdown on the upcoming offseason, and lots of listener questions, on this episode of CrimsonCast.

Jan. 23 - Learning How To Win

On this episode, we recap the Maryland victory, focusing on the team's resiliency down the stretch and the outstanding play of Juwan Morgan and Zach McRoberts. We also talk about the impressive showings for this IU team in close games so far this season, Archie Miller learning how to use the power of Assembly Hall to his advantage, the way that the upcoming schedule lays out for this Indiana team, and the necessity of IU fans showing up for games from now on.

Jan. 19 - Recapping Northwestern and Penn State, looking ahead to MSU

We look back at IU's wins over Northwestern and Penn State last week, then look ahead to Friday night's game against Michigan State. We also discuss what Indiana needs to do over the next four games, plus whether they have a shot against Michigan State and later Purdue.

Jan. 7 - The Big Win At The Barn

Despite losing two key players, IU traveled to Minneapolis and managed to pull off a victory in a traditional house of horrors. How did they do it? We talk about big games from Johnson, Morgan, and McRoberts, an unexpected 20-point gem from Justin Smith, and an excellent coaching job by Archie Miller. We also take a boatload of listener questions, and address everything from future lineups to the importance of three pointers. All of that and more, on this episode of CrimsonCast.

Jan. 4 - January Blues

Scott has no voice, but that doesn't stop us from putting in a solid hour of evaluation of the current state of IU basketball. We talk about the Hoosiers' current struggles, why they are struggling, and what we see as the right and wrong answers to the situation. We also address some of the suggestions for how the situation can be rectified, and talk about what the future holds for the IU program under Archie Miller and with this group of players.

Dec. 17 - A Crossroads Classic

We busted out a special edition of CrimsonCast Live in honor of the first big win of the Archie Miller era, and spent most of the time recapping the Hoosiers' thrilling victory over Notre Dame. Juwan Morgan, Zach McRoberts, and Archie Miller get plenty of talk time, as do the uneven performances from some other players. We answer reader questions from both Twitter and YouTube, and look ahead to IU's roster development and rest-of-season prospects.

Dec. 15 - Notre Dame Eve

On the newest edition of CrimsonCast, Galen talks with 24/7 Sports' Ben Ladner about IU basketball 1/3 of the way through the season. We cover some of the reasons why certain players have had success, dissect the weak points of the team so far, and also discuss the factors that are contributing to IU getting better as the campaign progresses. We also preview the matchup between Notre Dame and Indiana, and talk about why IU has a chance in the contest.

Dec. 7 - Developing Storylines

Scott & Galen recap the Michigan and Iowa games, and talk about the takeaways from each. They also discuss the developing storylines for several individual players, including Juwan Morgan and Colin Hartman's impact on the way the team plays, the importance of good offense as it relates to good defense, and Indiana chances of beating either Louisville or Notre Dame (or both).

Nov. 30 - Recapping The Duke Game

On this episode of CrimsonCast, Scott and Galen recap the Duke loss, and find a lot of silver linings in the game. Lots of talk about IU's offensive efficiency, their ability to score in the paint, and their ability to limit turnovers in this contest. We also touch on the defensive and shooting issues that led to the outcome. Several positive player performances are highlighted, including Juwan Morgan and Colin Hartman. Finally, we take a step back and take stock of where this IU team is heading into their first conference games, and what their chances are of winning multiple games against their next four opponents.