Allen updates defensive coordinator search, taking time to find 'right fit'
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Allen updates defensive coordinator search, taking time to find 'right fit'

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It has been a month since former Indiana defensive coordinator Kane Wommack was introduced as the new head coach at the University of South Alabama.

At the time, head football coach Tom Allen said his phone had been active, but he was not in a hurry in hiring a replacement.

This week, Allen met with the media to discuss the 2020 season and was asked about a timetable for hiring a defensive coordinator.

He said the search continues and that he is still looking for someone who shares his defensive philosophy and will run the 4-2-5 defensive scheme Allen has brought to Indiana.

“The No. 1 objective is to find a guy that’s the best fit,” Allen said. “If he happens to be a linebackers coach, yeah, that would be very convenient and an easy transition that we would plug him in right there. If he’s not, then we would look at adjusting our staff. We could just move guys around. We have multiple guys that could coach multiple positions.”

Allen's comments mirror what he said in 2020 when the defensive coordinator position opened up, especially when it comes to keeping the 4-2-5 scheme.

"I want a guy who can come in here and run this system. We are not changing our defense. This is what we do. This is our Indiana football defensive system that I believe in and we've built here over the years," Allen said. "I'm involved in every single meeting and I don't tell that coordinator what to call on game day, but all those decisions, I am involved in all those things. We are going to find the best guy that best fits with us and the guy that I feel like is best to allow us to continue this defense.

"I think we have a chance to be really good on defense next year, and I expect us to be better than we are this year. That's my expectation. Bottom line is we want to be better and person will be charged with capturing that room again with that new individual and putting their personality and stamp on it."

Allen has also said he wants to take his time and ensure he has the hire right when it is time to announce, and he believes having the extension of the dead period will help not rush a hire.

"Going to take some time here, not expecting to make a decision any time soon. I want to make sure we get it right. Usually we are out recruiting this time of year, but it is all dead until April so that won't be part of the equation and that takes a little pressure off in terms of timetable. It is an important hire and we want to get it right and we plan to," Allen said.

This is the second offseason that Allen has to replace a coordinator. After the 2019 season, Indiana lost its offensive coordinator, Kalen DeBoer, and Allen promoted Nick Sheridan to the offensive coordinator role.

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